Comfort on board: what services to expect on your ride.


  • All platforms are ADA compliant and include a service ramp for boarding and detraining.
  • All cars are wheelchair accessible (32 inches in width) and include wheelchair tie-downs (2 located at the "B" end of each car). A folding seat is provided near wheelchair storage areas.
  • Restrooms are ADA compliant.
  • Service animals are welcome.

Bring a Bike on the Train

  • Each bike car has 14 bike stalls with 2 additional stalls on the lower level.
  • Regular coach cars have 4 additional bike tie-downs on the lower level.
  • Look for the BIKE CAR sign affixed to the door locations of the car.
  • Secure the bike’s front wheel in the slot; secure with Velcro strap if provided. Please note that bikes can not be locked or chained in place.
  • You may bring one bicycle per person, space permitting.
  • Request a bike locker online or by phone at 800-411-RAIL (7245).
  • ACE is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged bicycles.

Take a Look at the Stations


  • Storage under seats is 12 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.
  • After boarding the ACE train, areas are available on the lower level of each car for storing personal baggage.
  • Limited areas for storage are available on upper railcar levels. Please feel free to ask a member of the train crew for assistance as to where is best to store your bags.
  • The ACE train is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged personal items.
  • Train personnel are not required to provide baggage assistance.


One wheelchair-accessible restroom is available on each car and includes a mirror, sink, toilet, trash receptacle, and an emergency button.

Inside the Train Cars

  • Seats are 18 inches wide, cloth covered with foam-cushioned.
  • Seats are in pairs or groupings of four with and without tables.
  • Carpeted floors near seating areas.
  • Fluorescent lighting.
  • Four trash receptacles are available in each car including: 1 on each mid-level, 1 in the restroom of each car, and 1 located across from the water fountain in the hallway.
  • Heating and air conditioning settings are automatically set to 70 degrees.

Dim-Lit Cars for Relaxation

  • Dim-lit cars are designated for the convenience of passengers who wish to sleep during their commute.
  • We ask that passengers keep their noise level at a reasonable level so as not to disturb fellow passengers.


Passengers are welcome to bring aboard food and non-alcoholic beverages for consumption while riding the train. Beverage containers should include a secured lid.


  • Power receptacles are located at the table locations of the following cars: 3205, 3206, 3207, 3208, 3209, 3210, 3211, 3212, 3213, 3214, 3215, 3305, 3306, 3307, 3308, and 3309.
  • Power receptacles are located either above or below the work tables.



New state-of-the-art WiFi to be operational in 2020.

  • WiFi is available throughout each trainset.
  • The WiFi is an open source network and is labeled as "ACE" once passengers open up their available network settings.
  • WiFi is available for all passengers with data usage restricted to 1 GB per day. Please refrain from downloading or streaming large files, which restricts bandwidth for other passengers. Users that exceed daily may find their device has been blocked from using the service. If your device is blocked, you’re advised to contact ACE at


Due to the terrain of the rural areas along the ACE route, WiFi service is likely limited in certain areas. Specific areas where service has a tendency to drop are along the Altamont Pass (after Tracy Station) to Vasco Road Station, within the tunnels going towards Fremont, and within the Alviso/Drawbridge area between Fremont and Great America Stations.

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