The Altamont Corridor Express (ACE®) Continues to Benefit from Alameda Co. Measure B & BB Funds

Capitalized Maintenance

Capital maintenance projects funded through Measure B:

Union Pacific has cleaned up encampments, weeds, and junk to discourage trespassing and deterrence to improve safety and on-time performance. UPRR also installed xing surface in different locations along the ACE corridor.

The Sunol Quiet Zone

Measure B funds have been used to pay UPRR for engineering review of proposed improvements within the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Right of Way (ROW) for the Sunol quiet zone project.

On June 30, 2018, the Sunol Quiet Zone was established per 49 CFR S222.  The Main Street modifications were reviewed due to additional safety concerns, it was agreed that a two-step process would take place, the first was completed, with an amended Notice of Establishment filed on May 21, 2019.  The second step was to investigate the feasibility of four-quadrant gates as an ultimate solution.  An initial concept was completed in February 2020, and in August 2020 the County, CPUC, FRA, SJRRC concluded that the four-quadrant gate concept was feasible, and the conceptual plans were provided to Alameda County to implement in September 2020.

Operational Costs

For FY 21/22 Measure and BB revenues exceeded $5.1 million, of which $2.7 was used for operations. The remaining balance rolled into fund balance to be used for future fiscal years operations after Measure B sunset in March 2022.

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