Project Overview

The Stockton Diamond is the busiest, most congested at-grade railway junction in California. The current, at-grade configuration of the track results in significant delays to Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and BNSF Railway (BNSF) freight trains serving their nationwide networks and the Port of Stockton, as well as other freight and passenger trains in the area. These delays make the Stockton Diamond the worst freight rail bottleneck in California, limiting the capacity of the Port of Stockton for growth and inhibiting the expansion of the Amtrak San Joaquins and Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) service through the region.

The Stockton Diamond Grade Separation project would grade separate the two north-south UPRR mainline tracks from the two east-west BNSF mainline tracks. Project scope also includes bike, pedestrian, and roadway improvements at ten at-grade local road crossings in the City of Stockton, enhancing safety and access for residents.

The construction of the grade separation would provide for an uninterrupted flow of rail through the crossing, which will improve freight movements and lead to lower costs for freight shipping, reduced delays, and a decrease in fuel consumption for idling locomotives. This increase in throughput and velocity of freight trains translates to cost savings for Port customers and the freight railroads, allowing for continued growth and improved efficiency. In addition, the project would allow for more freight and passenger trains to pass through the Stockton Diamond at faster speeds.

There are numerous benefits to the public as well, including:

  • Facilitating expansion of ACE and Amtrak San Joaquins services
  • Improved reliability of ACE and Amtrak San Joaquins services
  • Travel time savings from a reduction in freight delays
  • Fuel cost savings from a reduction in idling
  • Greater efficiency for freight rail movement
  • Improved air quality in a disadvantaged area of Downtown Stockton
  • Reduced blockage and delays for pedestrians and motorists at key local road crossings
  • Improved access to the Port of Stockton

In total, the project would benefit several services utilizing the BNSF and UP lines in the area, including:

  • Union Pacific freight trains on the UP Fresno Subdivision and at the Port of Stockton
  • BNSF freight trains on the BNSF Stockton
  • Amtrak San Joaquins intercity trains
  • Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) commuter trains
  • Central California Traction Company (CCT) trains from the Port of Stockton
  • Stockton Terminal & Eastern (STE) trains in the area

Funding Request

SJRRC has submitted a $100 million 2020 INFRA application and will be submitting a $25 million BUILD application for grant funding from the federal government to help fund the Stockton Diamond Grade Separation Project. SJRRC will also be applying for TCEP and ITIP funding from the state to complete the Stockton Diamond Grade Separation.  SJRRC will be using SR 132 and ITIP funding that has already been secured as matching funding for the project.

Project Schedule

Phase Begin End
PA&ED (Project Approval & Environmental Document) 2/1/2020 3/1/2021
PS&E (Plans, Specifications and Estimates) 3/1/2021 10/1/2022
ROW (Right of Way) 3/1/2021 10/1/2022
Construction 11/1/2022 5/1/2025

Stockton Diamond Grade Separation Project Fact Sheet

For additional information contact

Kevin Sheridan 
Director of Capital Projects

Jordan Peterson
Associate Planner

San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission
San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority
949 East Channel Street
Stockton, CA 95202 

Stockton Diamond




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