Where Do the ACE® Trains Go at the End of the Day?

Where Do the ACE® Trains Go at the End of the Day?

Upon returning passengers to the last stop at the Robert J. Cabral Station in Stockton, the trains continue north approximately one mile to the ACE Rail Maintenance Facility located E. Alpine Ave. The San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission (SJRRC) who is the agency who oversees the ACE service, has contracted Herzog Transit Services Inc. (HTSI) who clean, perform maintenance and prepare the cars for following day's passengers.

In 2019, the facility opened it's gates as the boarding and deboarding location for area school groups who chose to ride the ACE train to field trips throughout the Tri-Valley and Silicon Valley areas.

The Facility

The maintenance facility was designed to incorporate a variety of sustainability features. More than 1,100 solar photovoltaic panels provide 20% of the building’s power (260 kilowatts), specialized window shades follow the sun, electric power usage is monitored in real-time, and a 102,000-gallon rain harvest tank is part of the reclaimed and reused water system. The facility was the first in the country to achieve LEED Silver certification from Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and was awarded 2015 Outstanding Project of the Year, Sacramento Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Unique ACE Maintenance Facility Features:

  • Three-bay specialized drop table system for removing wheelsets and traction power.
  • In-ground wheel truing machine, able to retrue a wheelset in 45 minutes.
  • 30-ton bridge crane spanning 102 feet across the maintenance shop building.
  • 5-ton crane spanning 34 feet 6 inches across the preventive maintenance track, equipped with an independent traveling fall protection system.
  • Oil/water separator treatment system able to process up to 300 gallons of waste per minute
  • Approximately 5.2 miles of installed train tracks within the facility
  • 22-foot-tall breakaway high-speed roll-up doors.

ACE Maintenance Facility Facts:

  • Site: 64 acres
  • Size: 157,000 square feet
  • Overall Length: 628 feet
  • Overall Width: 215 feet
  • Overall Height:  60 feet

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