Ride ACE

Get the Most Out of Your ACE Ride

The Easier Commute

Aboard ACE, immerse yourself in a delightful journey featuring free Wi-Fi, cozy seats, and ample storage space within the train. Conveniently access restrooms situated on the ground floor of every car. Make use of our dim lit compartments to catch a nap before or after your busy day. If you have a bicycle, feel free to bring it along, as ACE offers bike racks in designated cars—just keep an eye out for the "bike car" sign before boarding. Settle in, unwind, and let ACE serve as your mode of transportation. ACE Tickets are accepted by connecting transit operators (exception AC Transit).

Onboard Amenities
Cozy Seats
Charging Facilities
Free Wi-Fi
Restroom Access
Bike Accommodations
Storage Options
Dim Lit Cars
Onboard Refreshments
Support for ADA & Passengers with Disabilities
Enhanced Safety Features

Take A Test Ride On Us

Your first two (2) round trips on us! New ACE riders can take a Test Ride on the service for free.

Wi-Fi and Charging

Maximize your journey by staying powered up and connected with the free Wi-Fi available. Outlets can be found in the majority of train cars, either above or below shared tables and nestled between seats. To connect to the Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

  • Choose "MyACEWiFi" from your smart device's network list
  • Provide your Name and Email Address
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Submit
  • Access the Information Portal by selecting View

Dim Lit Cars

Gently illuminated compartments are provided for the comfort of passengers who desire to rest during their trip. We kindly request that passengers maintain a considerate noise level to avoid disrupting their fellow travelers.


Accessibility Provisions for Individuals with Disabilities all platforms adhere to ADA standards and feature a service ramp for convenient boarding and alighting. Each car is wheelchair accessible (32 inches wide) and includes two wheelchair tie-downs at the "B" end of every car. A foldable seat is available near the wheelchair storage areas. Restrooms comply with ADA regulations, and service animals are always welcome.

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