Important Coronavirus Update: ACE Service Adjustments

As the State and Counties along the ACE Service corridor have implemented severe restrictions on non-essential travel, all transit agencies have been asked to reduce service to deal with the drop in ridership and revenue, while also trying to maintain the desired social spacing to prevent the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) onboard.  ACE staff are monitoring Coronavirus developments on a daily basis and participating in frequent updates from local, state, and federal public health agencies and local jurisdictions.

As ACE passengers are aware, ridership has dropped almost 85% within the last week.  To comply with the various mandates and provide essential transportation service for our riders and broader communities, ACE will be making the following operational adjustments:

Suspension of Saturday Service: The Saturday Service Pilot Program will be suspended beginning Saturday, March 21, 2020. Over the past several weeks, Saturday Service has seen a consistent and considerable reduction in ridership and does not meet the guidelines for essential service. ACE will continue to evaluate the situation and timing for reinstating Saturday Service.

Reduction on Train Sizes:  With an almost 85% reduction in ridership, ACE will be reducing train sizes, while still allowing for safe spacing of passengers.  The ACE trains will begin operating on Thursday, March 19, 2020, with the following train set sizes:

  • ACE 01/04  – 5 cars
  • ACE 03/06 – 5 cars
  • ACE 05/08 – 4 cars
  • ACE 07/10 – 4 cars ** (only for this week see below)

Suspension of ACE 07 and ACE 10**:  To comply with the mandates to reduce service, ACE Trains 07 and 10, that are currently carrying less than 40 riders, will be suspended as of Monday, March 23, 2020.  The shuttle services for these trains will also be suspended.

At this time, ACE is committed to continuing to operate its remaining three round-trips on their regular schedules unless otherwise advised. ACE staff is continuing to ensure that all trains receive a thorough and complete disinfecting regime at the end of each day. This regime includes: handrails, seats, tables, windows, and other surfaces frequently touched by passengers. ACE staff is ensuring that soap dispensers are topped off each night as a part of routine maintenance. We are working with our transit partners to incorporate other measures as recommendations are provided.

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