ACE Wifi Update

ACE On-Board WiFi Update:

May 19, 2016

ACE On-Board WiFi Update:
ACE has set a goal of expanding on-board WiFi access to every ACE passenger.    In moving toward that goal, on a trial basis ACE is expanding on-board WiFi from the current WiFi car to additional cars.  To accomplish the expansion, due to the limited capabilities of the current WiFi system, we are asking our passengers to not use the WiFi system for streaming large data site that consume more than 1 GB of bandwidth (i.e.  movies/TV shows/music).  Those users that exceed the 1 GB usage per day will find that their device will be automatically and immediately blocked.

If your device is blocked or if you have any questions, please contact ACE at and you will receive a response within 2 business days.

Thank you for riding ACE

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