The State and counties along the ACE service corridor have implemented restrictions on non-essential travel and implemented a social distancing protocol to prevent the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). ACE is monitoring Federal, State, and local updates related to COVID-19.

ACE’s top priority is the health and safety of onboard personnel and passengers. ACE continues to follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and State and local public health orders when implementing preventative measures.


To ensure the continued health of our travelers and ACE staff, all visitors and passengers are required to practice social distancing inside stations, on the platforms, and aboard the trains and shuttle.


Wearing a face covering over the mouth and nose is recommended when entering SJRRC facilities and/or onboard the train. 



Trains are misted with medical grade disinfectant on all seats and surfaces. All hard surfaces are wiped down.



Social Distancing notices are posted on the train.



Wearing Cloth Face Coverings are recommended.



Hand sanitizer is available onboard for passengers.


A passenger wearing a mask inside a train

Ticket Sales

Passengers are encouraged to use mobile ticketing. ACE will continue to offer in-person ticket sales at the Stockton, Lathrop/Manteca, Tracy, Livermore (LAVTA Office), Pleasanton, Fremont, and Great America (evening sales) stations. To find out how to download the ACE Rail mTicketing app, Click here. https://acerail.com/buy-tickets/.

Ticket Holders

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the subsequent Shelter-In-Place orders, ACE Ticketing Department is aware that ACE ticket holders have been impacted with unused rides, especially as it relates to Monthly and 20-Ride ticket holders. Below you will find an explanation of options related to specific ticket types and their exchange policies.

Paper Ticket Type (Standard):

ACE Ticketing Department is working with Monthly Pass holders. March 2020 and forward during the pandemic Paper Monthly Passes can be submitted for a ticket upgrade/change – see ACE Ticket Upgrade Form.

March 2020 passes submitted will only receive a 20-ride ticket or a credit in the value of a 20-ride ticket towards another ticket.

The monthly pass is subject to proration which will start from the date ACE receives the pass (If mailed, from the postmarked date).   If received prior to the first of the month on the ticket, it can be exchanged for a future monthly pass.

The remaining credit on the pass can be applied to another monthly pass or other more flexible ticket-type such as the 20–Ride ticket. The passenger is responsible for any balance due. Remaining credit will be waived by passengers if not applied to other ticket types.

To begin the ticket exchange process, please fill out the ‘ACE Ticket Upgrade Form’. and mail to: SJRRC, Attention: ACE Ticketing Department, 949 E. Channel Street, Stockton, CA 95202

Mobile Ticket Type

Mobile Monthly March Pass holders may receive a complimentary 20–ride ticket if they were not used past 3/16/2020.

Expiring or expired 20-trip/round-trip/one-way due to COVID-19 shelter in place order/period:

Due to Shelter in Place orders, unused/expiring or expired 20–ride or other tickets purchased on the mobile app will be reissued through replacement passes of the same denomination or remaining ride value. (i.e. If a 20-Ride has 10 unused rides – 5 round–trip replacement passes will be issued.)

E-mail the following information to ticketing@acerail.com and include “COVID-19” in the subject line:

  • Mobile app account/username (e-mail)
  • Rides expired/expiring (quantity)

The tickets issued to the account will expire in 6 months from the date of reissuance.

Due to the changing COVID rules and regulations; ACE is willing to work with passengers on a case by case basis. Supporting documentation may be requested for Mobile App Ticket expirations.

This program will continue while the Shelter-In-Place orders remain in effect. ACE Ticketing Department is working to ensure this process is performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

For more information please contact Tyron Kiunke, Operations Superintendent at covid-19@acerail.com

Get accurate information about Coronavirus and prevention at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html

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