Introducing the New ACE 10-Trip pass. The 10-Trip offers passengers a new fare solution that responds to changes in workers’ commuting patterns post COVID-19. Ideal for workers who need to get to their workplaces less frequently than the traditional daily commute, the 10-Trip provides the convenience of ten one-way rides passengers can use whenever they need to travel. 

If your new normal means telecommuting more and taking the train less, then the new 10-Trip pass might be the perfect pass for you. You can take the train when you need to with ten one-way passes. And you save more than purchasing multiple round-trip tickets. Purchase in advance on the ACE Rail mTickets App or at an ACE Station. 



The 10-Ride pass is available on the ACE Rail mTickets App and at ACE stations. To purchase in the app, a passenger will select their origin and destination stations, then select ‘10-Trip’. Once the pass is purchased, riders will find ten one-way passes in their Mobile App ticket wallet. Before the rider boards the train, the rider simply activates one of the tickets.  

Paper tickets can be purchased in stations throughout the ACE corridor, including: Stockton, Lathrop/Manteca, Tracy, Livermore, Pleasanton, Fremont, Great America, and San Jose – only VTA has the 10 trip paper tickets at their sales locations on First Street. The in-station paper tickets must be validated at the station prior to boarding. 

Lathrop/Manteca Tracy Tri-Valley Fremont Silicon Valley
Stockton 26.25 52.00 75.00 98.00 120.00
Lathrop/Manteca 52.00 73.00 94.00 115.00
Tracy 50.00 73.00 94.00
Ti-Valley (Vasco Rd + Livermore + Pleasanton) 73.00 73.00
Fremont 50.00
Silicon Valley (Great America + Santa Clara, San Jose) 30.00

Terms and conditions

Paper tickets do not carry an expiration date per the SJRRC rules, regulations and tariffs and are subject to cancellation for credit should a fare increase occur. 10-Trip ACE Rail mTickets are valid for 60-days from date of purchase. 10-Trip tickets may be used for more than one rider by activating or validating tickets for each rider. 10-Trip tickets are valid for ten (10), one-way trips, between the origin station and the destination station punched on the paper ticket or selected in the ACE Rail mTickets App and for qualifying transfers to and from ACE Stations provided by WHEELS, CCCTA and VTA. Ticket must be validated or activated prior to boarding before each trip. Ticket cannot be refunded or replaced and is subject to SJRRC rules, regulations and tariffs. Criminal offense if misused, reproduced or altered (640 P.C.)  

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